Storm King's Thunder

Spoiled Rich Kids

Storm King's Thunder: Vol 5

In Amphail, the adventurers took a brief respite, enjoying the carefree resort town for a couple of days. At the Stag-Horned Flagon, they met the bartender Arleosa Stonehenge. She was a former carnival performer with the unique ability to change her appearance seemingly at will. She had a lot of information about the surrounding area, including knowing a local group of adventurers known as the Knights of Lance Rock, who lived in Red Larch and protected much of the surrounding areas. She told them that Lance Rock itself was an outpost ruled by an eccentric but benevolent old necromancer. 

They also met Yarnik, a strange tiefling with a love of taxidermy. He asked them if they would mind, if it weren't too much trouble, bringing him the pelt of a dragon. Even just a baby dragon. He's always wanted to stuff one. He mentioned that a green dragon in Kryptgarden Forest by the name of Old Gnawbone recently had a brood. Allegedly Old Gnawbone is a collector of crystal balls and a practitioner of divination magic. Yarnik assured them that the ancient green dragon would probably be totally okay with them murdering one of his children. Probably. He sold them a prototype weapon he had imported from Lantan to capture a dragon: a large net launcher. Root fell in love with the weapon, and worked out a rent-to-buy arrangement. 

With that knowledge in hand, they prepared to leave the town on Amphail. As they were leaving they bumped into a haughty and rude young noble named Lord Terrence Ammakyl, youngest son of one of Waterdeep's wealthiest families, who was busy bullying one of the local women. Root decided it would provide a good opportunity to test his new weapon, and ensnared the noble. The noble's boydguards prepared to attack, but the fight was quickly broken up by the town guard before it could escalate. 

As they approached Lance Rock, they were greeted by a small contingent of intelligent skeletal knights on skeletal warhorses. They were escorted back to Lance Rock, where they met the Knights, who explained that they were heading to Red Larch that afternoon to meet up with an associate who had information about the giants. There, they finally caught up with the cloud castle and met up with the envoy who had been seeking them out. It turned out to be Seamus again, though he did not remember them and appeared at least a few years younger than the Seamus they had met previously. Seamus explained that they were walking seperate paths, and directed them to the cloud castle where he said that a cloud giant by the name of Zephyros would direct them on the next leg of their journey. He also gave them a small token to help them on their quest: a figurine of wonderous power in the shape of a pitch black basalt elk named Alia'kamaaj. 


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