Storm King's Thunder

Stone Towers

Storm King's Thunder: Vol 4

With Parnast safe, the adventurer's were offered a ride to Waterdeep by Azam. They pass through the town of Llost, which has been reduced to a ghost town over the years, but is now being slowly disassembled by a group of stone giants. The giants taunt them, throwing boulders in their direction, and refusing to allow them to pass. Rin Ko decides to sneak into the town to search for survivors, finding the children of the innkeeper in the basement of the inn, but no one else. He carries them from the inn, but his scabbard slaps against the doorframe as they make their way out of the building, alerting all six of the stone giants in town. They charged towards Rin Ko, grabbing enormous clubs and stones. 

Azam, sensing that this may be their only chance to get their carts past the giants, urges his cart forward at top speed. Rin Ko manages to just make it in time, and Root assists them in getting into the cart. They traveled on for a few more hours before settling down for the evening. 

The next afternoon, as they continued down the road, they encountered a mute stone giant named Zorkh amidst a veritable forest of artistically arranged stacks made of smooth river rocks, some reaching 20 feet in height. While communication was difficult, Zorkh explained to them through intricate pictograms the shattered Ordening, and its possible effects on giant society. 

They eventually arrived in Loudwater, where Azam was finally able to stable the horses for the evening, and the group was able to resupply. There they learned that a cloud giant castle had passed overhead, and that an envoy from the castle has been searching for someone matching their description. The townsfolk disagreed where the envoy was heading, saying it was either Amphail or Red Larch. Calum reached out to his contacts with the Harpers, giving them access to the safehouse and teleportation circle which would allow them to travel to Waterdeep. 

In Waterdeep, they said goodbye to Wallace, who promptly went off to join up with an adventuring company. They found an inn, did some reconnaissance, and crashed a wedding, deciding to head to Amphail the following day. 


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