Storm King's Thunder

The Goat and the Prince

Storm King's Thunder: Vol 3

With the fire giant's burning of the forest near Parnast, the town's food supply has run low and morale is down. Raggnar Redtooth, owner of the local tavern, has decided to throw a festival to help raise the spirits of the locals and also repair his reputation for his role in the Dragon Cult's occupation of Parnast. 

He asked the adventurer's to accompany a local boy named Wallace Cartwright into the Weathercote Wood to find game. The wood is known to be haunted, and the locals are afraid to go there. 

After a long trek through the Wood, and exposure to the enchanted mists, they found an enormous white elk. Just as they prepared to let loose an arrow, a tiny voice warned them not to, but Wallace fired anyway. Immediately, they were set upon by a number of faeries and a massive treant. The leader, a flamboyant faerie prince by the name of Thornacious, threatened to kill them all, but the adventurer's managed to broker a truce by healing the great white elk and respecting the intricate rules of fey protocol. 

Thornacious agreed to lead them out of the Weathercote Wood and into the Lonely Moor, where enormous boars lived in relative abundance. However, the Lonely Moor was home to a pack of gnolls, which the adventurers, along with their guide Blassios, managed to defeat.

They returned to the village where they made preparations for the festivities. While fetching a keg of ale, a mysterious figure emerged, soaking wet from the closet and collapsed on the ground. He was accompanied by a young woman welding a pair of axes and dressed in hide armor. They seemed disoriented, but recovered in time to assist the adventurers as an enormous rock came crashing into the town square, announcing the arrival of a horde of hobgoblins, goblins, and gnolls, led by a hill giant wearing a headband with an enormous crystal mounted in the forehead.

With the assistance of the strangers, the adventurers drove the horde back. The giant, however, was unusually cunning and wielded powerful arcane magic. With great cunning they managed to incapacitate the giant and remove the headband. The giant seemed confused, with no recollection of anything that had happened since finding the headband. A close examination revealed it to be a headband of intellect, cursed to contain the soul of its creator and allowing his ghost to possess the wearer. 

Freed from the cursed item, exiled from his clan, and without anywhere else to turn, the village of Parnast graciously offered to allow the giant to stay in the ruins of Skyreach Castle, if he would agree to assist the village in defending themselves against the gnolls and hobgoblins that prowled nearby. 

The mysterious stranger introduced himself as Seamus, a bard with access to an ancient god built dungeon known as The Corridor, which allows him to travel through both time and space. He was a chosen of the goddess of torture, Loviatar, cursed to relive the destruction of the world and never able to intervene to save it. Instead, he has devoted himself to finding, recruiting, and training those who can, and setting them on their path. He advises them to continue on their path to Waterdeep, and to make haste, saying that the last time they were too late. With only those few words of warning, he disappears through a cupboard which appears to lead to some sort of high mountaintop fortress. 


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