Nearly two years ago, the small village of Parnast, a quiet hamlet consisting of a tavern, a stable, a shrine, a few farmsteads, and little else, was taken over by the cult of Tiamat. The village was a victim of its own geography and nothing more: it served as a convenient, yet slightly out of the way, place for the cult to gather the treasure it had looted from elsewhere in the Sword Coast before it could be transported to the Well of Dragons. 

Sorry. Allow me to back up. The cult of Tiamat’s goal was to resurrect Tiamat herself. The ritual to do so required treasure. Lots and lots of gold, silver, gems, objets d’art, and what have you. A treasure hoard worthy of the mother of evil dragons. And blood sacrifice, certainly. But first they needed the treasure. And they needed to move that treasure from wherever it was acquired to the Well of Dragons. And so Parnast became one of many hubs where treasure was gathered to be transported. 

The cult in Parnast was directed by a Captain Othelstan, an aggressive brute of a man that kept the village in line through fear. For the most part, the village was spared any violence as long as they stayed in line. The statue of Angharradh, elven deity of spring, was destroyed during a brief uprising, however, and has yet to be replaced. And the stables still smell of wyvern piss and rotting goat from the cult’s wyvern mounts that were kept and fed there. 

In a ravine to the west was the cult’s stronghold, Skyreach Castle, a floating fortress built long ago by cloud giants and controlled by a cloud giant named Blagothkus who threw his lot in with the dragon cult. The cult there was led by a mysterious man known as Wyrmspeaker Rezmi, and the castle was the method by which the cult transported all of the gathered treasure from the village of Parnast (and other villages used as treasure gathering hubs) to the final destination at the Well of Dragons.

During the occupation, the village was itself divided. Many, including the retired adventurer turned tavernkeeper, Raggnar Redtooth, aided the cult whether out of fear or simple greed. Gundalin the Wheelwright, on the other hand, was secretly opposed to the cultists and was gathering other dissidents to help overthrow them and drive them out of town. When a small group of adventurers arrived to investigate the stolen treasure and cult activity it was Gundalin that pointed them in the right direction. 

The ensuing battle ended with the destruction of Skyreach Castle and the elimination of the local cult. Eventually the combined armies of every nation in the north marched against the Well of Dragons, and shattered the cultist’s influence once and for all. Since then Parnast has tried to move on, but there is still much suspicion and ill will against those who supported the occupation by the cult. 

More recently the forests around Parnast were raided by a band of fire giants, who burnt the forests down and stole away with an ancient adamantine obelisk that had become a gathering place for local druids. The burning forest resulted in a food shortage, which was solved by the adventurers finding new hunting grounds in the Lonely Moor. They also managed to form an alliance with the fey of the Weathercote Woods, which helped them to fight off an attack by a hill giant who had been possessed by the spirit of an ancient wizard. Freeing the giant from his curse allowed them to broker a truce, and the giant Humbaba became a friend of the town. 


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