Storm King's Thunder

Tower in the Clouds

Storm King's Thunder: Vol 6-7

Secure aboard the tower of the cloud giant Zephyros, the adventurer's learned more about the shattered Ordening that was causing such a stir among giantkind. Their apathy during the rise of the dragons years earlier displeased the giant god, Amman the All-Father, who unchained them from their established places in the ordening hoping to stir them out of complacency. Thus unfettered, the giants began seeking their god's favor, each in their own way. During this time of commotion, the king of the storm giants disappeared, causing them to retreat almost entirely from giant politics. With neither their god nor their king holding their reins, many giants took it as a sign to indulge their most primal instincts. Others wove complicated plots to gain power and prestige. Zephyros turned to the gods themselves, tirelessly using powerful divination magics to contact other planes and seek answers. The toll on his mind and body has been great, and at times he now seems quite mad, as his psyche retreats from reality.

Zephyros said that he'd seen these particular adventurers in one of his visions, either at Goldenfields, Triboar, or Bryn Shander (he couldn't be certain) and he felt that they played an important role in establishing the Ordening once more. He offered to take them to one of those places, and knowing how important the walled agricultural temple of Goldenfields was to the rest of the Sword Coast, they began there. 

En route to Goldenfields, the group encountered a copper dragon who was curious about the floating tower and came for a closer look. The dragon's name was Vexilanthus, or Vex for short, and after hearing the group was on its way to Goldenfields, he told the group of the tragic tale of how he'd lost his lair to a mean old hill giant. Anxious to be of assistance, and clearly unaware that a measly hill giant could pose little threat to an adult copper dragon such as himself, the group agreed to assist. 

After setting an elaborate trap to lure the hill giantess out of an abandoned tower, slowing her with Vex's breath, ensnaring her with a net, and surrounding her, the giantess begrudgingly surrendered. With only a bit of persuasion, she began bemoaning her cursed state as the skinniest giantess in their tribe and the loss of her mate to the hill giant queen, Chief Guh. The sad, lonely hill giantess refused to give up the exact location of the hill giant's lair, fearing retribution, but told them it was to the east and that a warband had already begun marching on Goldenfields. 

After quickly scouting ahead with Vex to locate the giant warband, a disorganized rabble made up of goblins, ogres, and giants that seemed to be a bit turned around and lost, the adventurer's felt good about their chances of saving Goldenfields and set off to the walled temple-city of Chauntea. 


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