Knights of Lance Rock

The Knights of Lance Rock choose their name somewhat ironically, after the mad necromancer, the Lord of Lance Rock, knighted them in a dark cave. They would later overcome the four evil elemental cults trying to summon the Princes of the Apocalypse. 

Rezmo: A kobold necromancer who summons eldritch power from an ancient tome that he claims was given to him by Kurtelmak, the exiled god of kobolds and mazes. 

Bolin: A dwarven paladin bound to a powerful earth elemental, Bolin spent his time since the defeat of the Princes of the Apocalypse in the court of Entemoch, the benevolant prince of elemental earth. 

Ari: An aarikokra bard possessing a powerful elemental weapon, Ari founded a bard college in Red Larch where he teaches both the bardic arts as well as aerial mounted combat. 

Pirta: A water genasi monk who works closely with the Emerald Enclave and has pioneered new agricultural methods that she calls "hydroponics", Pirta has retired from adventuring and instead become a purveyor of medicinal and recreational herbs.

Bilrad: A human wizard who left the Knights of Lance Rock after the war against the archelementals and has not been seen since. 

Knights of Lance Rock

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